Thursday, 8 March 2018

You tube and Play store Problem

A couple of Days back most of the ISP of Kathmandu, Nepal is struggling with the problem on Youtube and  Google Play store Apk. I personally consult this issues with my own So-called promising ISP who unsuccessfully deny the issues is phenomena. 

Google Play Store 

[Google Play is a digital store for apps and content on the Android mobile operating system. Within Android, the store is referred to as Play Store. Until March 2012 the store was called Android Marketplace. Google Play offers mobile apps and in select geographies also sells digital music (Google Play Music or Google Music), e-books and movies for download...
     Youtube is the world's largest online video website. Youtube is owned by Google.]

As result: ISP is getting more call from costumers regarding the same problem.

-Meanwhile, about a Half hour ago they ping me back and request me for the technical support: complaining the Google headquarters.

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