Tuesday, 13 March 2018

And That's How I Became #BinaryBijay

I was born on 2nd July of 1993 in Sankhadevi, Lalitpur. Being part of the middle-class family, it was quite impossible to #dreambig. But in my case I did it. I finished my intermediate from government  School (A+ Grade) and started my working career from Elegant Cyber and Institute with zero  #knowledge and without the help of #Google and #Wikipedia like today. During that time lapse, I get to choose my future path because of my growing ability and confidence. And also because of my high IQ level, it makes me easy to learn and implement quickly. Then I leave that job and start focusing on my study. Years of learning (Computer Science and Engineering Degree) I re-continue my #professional life with the different international corporation which gives me the opportunity to deal with more than 300+ fascinating clients. Lately, I start working as an Energy Engineer / IT Manager at   #HUB intl Educational which is top notch education consultancy of Nepal.To this point, I have realized that hard work is the key to success. Yet I haven't included my struggle and hardship here but that suffering is the only thing that broke me, deform me and mold me to the best version of me which I am very #proud of. This is not the story of #success, this is the beginning of it. And I am taking every chance to achieve my life #goal. This is me who I am because of every step I have taken in my life and I am #BinaryBijay...